My Portfolio


This is my showreel.

Ride for Eric

I made this short documentary telling the story behind the 2014 Ride for Eric event with Marishka Bream.

Ride for Eric Highlights

I filmed and edited this highlights film of the 1st Ride for Eric on 21st September 2014.

Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium

I made this short film about a new independent business in Sheffield with Marishka Bream.

The Long Well Walk

I made this promotional film for The Long Well Walk Charity with Marishka Bream.

The Long Well Walk News Piece

I made this news piece about The Long Well Walk's main fundraising event with Marishka Bream.

Desert Force VT

I shot this 'day in the life' VT in Tenerife for the MMA TV programme Desert Force on MBC.

British Gas Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)

I was the Lighting Camera Operator for four out of six days on this video for British Gas.

Frogbelly & Symphony Promo

This film features a live recording of Frogbelly and Symphony that I directed, shot, lit and edited.

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